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Review from Terminal Boredom:
"Polish punkers with a member of Kurws in their fold. Much more abrasive than the Kurws type of math-clatter is served up in this package. Almost like an Iron Cross neanderthal drag getting forcibly shoved through the mystery guy meatgrinder. Pepper that pulp with the vacuum-suck, blackened throat vocals the metal kids eat up these days. Brutal shit for dumbfucks. "Szympans" alone makes the whole thing worth a spin. It's like there's a dirt caked Confuse recording buried between segments of clear guitar strum and a gruff amp crackle that just sounds batshit in the end. A swarming guit-fit called "Osiedle Piastowski" is a highlight, bringing an uphill churn and battle charge that's woozy and terribly unnerving. These merry pranksters evidently love nature enough to leave you listening to the mating call of a whippoorwill for nearly seven minutes smack in the middle of the cassette before getting back to the bash. The ear-rape returns with a syrupy screeching spunk infused instrumental reminiscent of Coltrane's "Ole" - only it's being performed with a collapsed lung and no horns are present. Things just got jazzy, Jeff. So wrong it's right. Perfectly gnarled. Worth a clutch if you own a few Japanese flexi discs or have a tattoo of the shit-fi radio turd logo somewhere on your pasty sack of flesh."


released May 2, 2014

Nagranie: Artur Soszyński, w salce prób - Wrocław, listopad 2013
Miks: Piotrek Zabrodzki
Mastering: Dawid Bargenda

Field recording pochodzi z bazy, autor: RTB45 (CC BY 3.0).

Kasetę wydała w stu sztukach oficyna B.D.T.A. Wrocław, maj 2014.


tags: punk Wroclaw



norymberga Wroclaw, Poland

Wyraz znużenia sobą i innymi, wywleczony na światło dzienne w 2012. W swojej twórczości sublimuje jaskrawy opar długotrwałej nudy, irytacji, gniewu i zniechęcenia, generując tym samym spontaniczną aurę sonicznej ohydy.

W składzie byli bądź obecni członkowie zespołów: Bonito, Ukryte Zalety Systemu, Kurws, Żmigród, Der Kadaver, No Name.
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